Baby Led Weaning Journey #4

To say I do baby led weaning seems so trendy! I read up on it quite a bit with my third baby because it was a buzz issue. With my first two babies I did not know my philosophy of introducing food to babies had a name. It was kind of neat to read about the third go round.

My philosophy started with some research into the Weston A Price diet and what order they suggest food to be introduced to babies. So at about 9 months we started with bits of meat and then soft cooked green beans, carrots and the like. I tried to be normal and feed the first baby rice cereal, once I even gave her a jar food, but it just was not my style so those foods took a nose dive.

With our first three babies, we traveled all the time and we had to order our diet around foods we could easily make. Cost, ease and availability suggested that I use unsalted or un-sweetened canned veggies and fruit in addition to boiled eggs, bananas and avocados. We would order meat somewhere or buy a rotisserie chicken and split our food with the babies. It was also easy to find cheese, crackers, pretzels, apples, oranges and the like when the children were old enough. When we had to eat out, we tried to east cost effectively at Cracker Barrel, Chick Fil A, Sarku Japan, and local restaurants (Asian or diner style). Not all these foods were high on my list of ‘healthy’ foods, but the healthiest I could provide with our lifestyle.

Baby #4, Felicity, came along last year and shes been eating solids since December already! She is 12 months now and quite the pro! Her favorites are cut tomato and cooked carrots. She really only needs spoon fed if I am serving her my applesauce (which took some serious convincing for her to try!), I even put her yogurt in a snipped bottle so she can feed herself.

I think what draws me naturally to this philosophy is both the desire to breastfeed primarily for the first year and the idea of fostering independence. There is also a bit of insecurity of knowing how much a baby needs to eat and not wanting to over feed (maybe it is just me, I over worry). So I give the child the power to decide how much is enough. Like magic, when they are done they clear that tray onto the floor so fast!

Baby Led Weaning is a bit of a mess, but my absolute favorite part is watching those tiny fingers manage a pincer grasp with all the focus and dedication of a surgeon and put that food in their mouth with pride.


My biggest hook up is cleaning avocado, but I have made it through 4 babies unscathed


Addy’s 7th Birthday

It is so cliche to say that time flies, but sometimes it is the only phrase that comes to mind. My oldest child, Addy, is 7 years old and it is amazing how much a little person can change in that amount of time.

This angel is my kindred spirit in so many ways, and challenges me at every turn. I told her the other day that she is teaching me how to be a mommy. I still have an incredible journey ahead of me, but we are making headway with lightning speed. The last 7 years has been full of excitement. The two of us learning how to work together is interesting enough, but Addy has followed us to 35 States, Canada and moved to another continent.

Addy is blessed with good health, a quick mind and lofty ambitions. I feel insecure sometimes that I am not doing or being enough for my children, but my husband is quick to defend me to me and I rest in my faith that Jesus will fill in the gaps they need. She and I are are trying to make the most of this short time-frame called childhood, singing, baking, cooking, sewing, crafting, hiking and cuddling.

Here are a few pictures of the birthday girl!


Of all the hobbbies and titles this little one enjoys, I think ‘Big Sister’ is a favorite!

The bottom photo Addy is rehearsing for my brother’s wedding, she was a very eager flower girl for a 1 year old!