It’s Worth the Details

I began sewing when I was pregnant with my first child. My personality usually lends itself to me finishing projects as fast as possible and being done. But after a few projects I realized that I should put just a tad more effort into my work. It’s a good principle regardless of the work in question, but not always an easy ideal to employ!

I put sewing stuff away and didn’t want to make another sewing mess until after baby came. Well, I don’t wait well because the other day I decided to sew again. Here is my most recent project and I did something I’ve never really done; I decorated my dresses. It was a bit slow, and I’ve never worked so long on a finished, wearable dress, but it was worth it! Lesson learned!


I can’t wait til the baby fits it so they can all wear them together! My first shopping trip after baby might be the fabric store to make three more matching outfits.

Baby Blanket Cheat

I was so relieved to finally finish a mini quilt I made two years ago, that I got the nerve to make a new blanket for Little Sis, my full term, not yet born baby. I have made each of my children one so far, so I felt like it was only right.

I bought this awesome spray that adheres batting to fabric without using a hundred safety pins! It was on sale for half price, otherwise it would have been a bit pricey. I paid 7 USD.

To make this super easy baby comforter, all I did was cut two pieces of cotton fabric the desired size and two pieces of batting (I like extra loft). I sprayed the batting pieces to each other and the fabric on either side of the batting.

All was left to do was sew the quilting lines and add the binding.

Now when Little Sis is born she has a Mommy made blankie like Addy and JJ!

Here is her baby comforter, and pics of my earth-side children (at 2 days and then day of birth) and their blankets.



Belle Peasant Dress

My husband came home from work one afternoon and said that I should make our daughter a Belle peasant dress. I am not entirely sure where his idea came from, but it is a simple enough dress so I went for it.

I made the dress in three pieces so that we could potentially use the shirt and the dress separately and my efforts would not be all for a dress she would only wear a few times.



I used pieces from different patterns and for some of it I had to make my own pattern. The sleeves were a bit fuller than I intended, but the shirt is still great to wear with other skirts. If we didn’t travel for a living I would make many more of my own patterns and sell children’s clothes. It is fun and I would love to be a financial contributor to our home without leaving it :)

What is or was your child’s favorite character?

A Gift

Last night was our last night at home for a bit, and I was a little bummed that I had not sewed at all, so my husband insisted I get some sewing done. I had other chores, but those could be done tomorrow he said. I made and cut out my pattern and got to work. Honestly, I had a great time sewing and though it was a little tough on my back (I drafted and cut my pattern on the floor and I’m 6 months pregnant :), it was very relaxing!

As I was at the ironing board, again, to fold iron and fold and iron again, I just thought about how relaxing it is. I thought about how beautiful Adelle will look in the material. I admitted that it felt redundant to do all that ironing, but that it did feel nice to know how professional the dress will look.

And it hit me. God gave me a gift.

I always assumed it would be arrogant to admit that God gave me a gift, as if I were something special. As if I had some special talent.

But I didn’t think of it like that anymore, God allows me to create beautiful things. It has nothing to do with what others can or cannot do (though if I can do it you could to!). God allowed me the ability and materials to make whatever I desire with fabric. I love the opportunity. I love the time spent sewing, and I adore my daughter in homemade dresses.

That is a gift from God.

That is something I enjoy, and something I can thank God for and I do every time I make something. Sewing is one of my many gifts from God. I’m not ashamed to say that anymore.




Here is a link on how to make the headband here. The dress I formed from altering a pattern I already had, but you can find a million peasant dress patterns on Pinterest :)

Quiet Book ~ No More Idle Hands!

While we are away from home for several weeks, I go CRAZY from a lack of creativity outlet.  There is no experimental desserts, entrees, sewing or scrapbooking! I have tried hand sewing while away from home, but I am not patient enough for that! Since I have realized that if I want my wiggly daughter to sit still, I need to have something for her hands to do, I have decided to make a quiet book.  Yes, the one craft I said I’d never do, has been done.  Here are my pictures of my quiet book in the making. While I did steal the quiet book idea off of Pinterest, I believe these simple ideas are all my own, and I have many more on my quiet book idea list.

My daughter loves them so far! They keep her busy, but I will have to admit, I have not been very careful as to when I give them to her. We have lost a felt doll shoe, her car-seat must have swallowed it.

I have enjoyed this new activity and much to my surprise, I am willing to work with felt again in the future.

Addy LOVES her “girls”

Full Coverage Nursing Cover

I made a new nursing cover for a friend today! Since it’s not my design, I’m not sure that it is right to write a tutorial, but the tutorial I used is here (I need to learn how to make links!).

The materials required are:

2 coordinating fabrics

Elastic (I used 1 inch but the tutorial uses 1/4 in)

Boning (I used 12 inches)




Sew the bottom panel to the main fabric

Sew the front and back panels together with a french seam

Sewing the boning and elastic into a casing at the top. I used pen to mark the place I intended to leave open for threading the elastic (on either side of the boning)

Finished product!

To be honest, this project is so easy you hardly even need directions! If the Lord give me more children I will be making one for myself!


How to make a Full bodied Headband

My daughter was born bald, and still at 2 1/2 barely has hair! We began using headbands as a way of  putting flowers and bows on her head to distinguish her as a girl (we STILL  had people ask if she were a boy!!).  I got tired of the same old store-bought headbands that everyone else was using and decided to try some fabric ones out. The first few styles I tried were decent, but the style I am sharing with you is by far my favorite! I have yet to see anyone else wearing anything like it!

This is a 10 min project (if your bobbin is already wound;) But you will need scrap fabric, coordinating thread, scissors and elastic.

Step one:

Cut a rectangle of fabric the length and width of your desired headband PLUS seam allowances on all sides. I used 1/2 inch seam allowances and my headband was exactly 12 inches long.

Step two:

Cut another rectangle out the same width as the first, but add about three inches to the length.

Step three:

Gather BOTH sides of the length and pin the two cut rectangles WRONG sides together at the length.

Step four:

Sew the length, but NOT the width and turn right side out

Step five:

Fold the seam allowance in on the sides and pin elastic to fit the future wearer inside the fold. Sew fold shut.


Step six:

EMBELLISH. Sew decorative stitches, add buttons, flowers or bows.


The longer you make the second piece of fabric the fuller your headband will appear, as well as how wide your headband is. In the first picture the finished headband is only about an inch wide, but in the bottom picture the headband is about 2 1/2 inches; it was so full that I put quilters lines in it to keep it from being too puffy, and I LOVE IT.