Kidversations ~ Baby and Cake

Felicity was about to turn 1, so I made her a cake (interjection – Addy says she made it and I helped, haha). With some leftover batter, I filled a tiny cake pan and we all sampled a tiny piece. Little light bulbs went off behind Felicity’s eyes when she had a piece and she gave a happy dance as I held her on my hip. After her bite she laid her head on my shoulder for a long hug.

I turned into mush and was all, “You are such a sweetie, do you loooooove Momma?!!”

Felicity picked her head off my shoulder as she looked me in the eye, shook her head in a way that swayed her entire body and points to the cake plate to say,

“I wuv dis!”

Goodness gracious child. That stings a little. But its also hilarious.