Wings as Eagles

My husband and I are missionaries with three very active children, ages 4, almost 3 and 1! I LOVE being a homemaker, but we are very rarely home. My hobbies are sewing, reading, learning (I research EVERYTHING), scrap-booking, oil painting, cooking from scratch and teaching my children. My husband and I plan on moving to Namibia soon and learning a new language (Afrikaans). Traveling is also an unintentional hobby; since its part of our job we make the most out of it!

This blog is the story of our life as a family and I welcome you to join us on our journey!

6 thoughts on “Wings as Eagles

    • Thank you! It is hard to know even where to begin with some of it, but once we get overseas I will just post one thing at a time as it happens :)

Any thoughts?

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