A Week in the Life ~ Missionary Wife

So, you move to foreign field and then…..what do you do? Well, the answer would be different for every field, missionary and family. We came to South Africa to gain some experience and help a missionary that was recommended to us. That missionary couple was in the States for our first 9 months on the field. Without anyone on the ‘other’ side of the flight it was quite a jump to the deep end for us!

Thankfully there was a small church with ministries already in place, so we were not building our own connections and ministries. I’ll spare too many details, but from week to week I’ll share the ministries we work in.

The week starts with on Sunday with Sunday school, and then a regular church service. For Sunday school and church, I have been leading a children’s class. It is not a big class, but it has been fun. Leading the children’s songs is not my gift, but I do what I can and the children don’t seem to mind one bit!

In the afternoon on Sundays we alternate between service at a retirement home and my husband going to a church plant in the village. At the retirement home, the church’s music minister leads music, and Jeff will preach afterward. On holiday services the kids and I have made a habit of bringing treats. The workers and residents all seem to enjoy homemade sweets and cards. The kids enjoy making them too.

On Wednesdays there is Bible Club at a village elementary school. The children are from 6-11 and very energetic. They speak Zulu in school and at home, but some kids speak English. Jeff uses an interpreter because he does not speak Zulu. My kids interact pretty well even though they know just a handful of words in Zulu and the other children just a few words in English. Thankfully, play is a universal language.

Wednesday night is the midweek service at our church. Not very many people attend, and my children are almost always the only children so I keep them with me so we can listen to Jeff.

Thursday nights we had a Bible study at our house for a while, but it was moved to the church and now its on hold for a while. We had a great time with the friendly time of prayer, and study, and the kids and I enjoyed preparing homemade snacks. The kids loved cleaning and setting up for it. Not always easy to keep them quiet at the house, but it was a child friendly location. When possible, we will start a Bible study back up.

Fridays Jeff goes out visiting while the kids and I find a play date and run a few errands. Often I pack lunch and order a coffee wherever we go.

Saturdays occasionally there is church wide outreach where we pass out invites, but we mostly just do it on our own. We take the kids here and there, but Jeff does 90% of the visiting himself. I have also found it easy to pass out church invites and talk to people while out running errands.

We came to the Durban area to adjust to ministering in this region of the world and learn language. We found ourselves loving it here and filling needs instead of concentrating on language studies. Unfortunately, the language we need to learn is not prevalent in this part of South Africa. We will study Afrikaans when we move closer to Windhoek (or to Windhoek proper, still waiting to know what and when the next move is).

There are some aspects of ministry not in the schedule. Things like personal visits, helping out with needs that arise with acquaintances, playing host (we love this one personally), praying, prepping lessons, maintaining the church {last week I ran out of coffee, but thankfully I was early enough to run (yes literally) across the street and get new}. Another facet of mission work is maintaining contact with supporting churches and friendly church members of those churches. We just fit that in as we can during the week.

Our time in the Durban area has been an interesting learning experience. We have fallen in love with the area, people and the ability to stay in the same place the last two years. Next week I will get into some more personal aspects, but this is what the skeleton of our schedule looks like from week to week here in the Durban area.


2 thoughts on “A Week in the Life ~ Missionary Wife

  1. Praise the Lord for your faithfulness. You and your family are such a blessing. Thank you for all you do to represent our Lord and our churches back home. What a testimony. Love and miss all of you!! Thank you for sharing the specifics of what your life is like there. It makes it easier to pray specifically :)

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