I have a hard time keep up with blogging, I might as well come to admit it. But I would like to start again. Many things have changed since I started writing, so allow me to introduce myself and my family. My name is Alyssa and I am a wife of (almost) 10 years, mother of 4, homeschool teacher, hobby addict, aspiring writer, and most of all, a believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My husband is Jeffrey. He is a preacher and missionary in South Africa. We met as camp counselors at camp in 2006 and married in December 2007. Our marriage thrives on cooking, ministry, geocaching, nerdy television, board games, and hosting events for no reason, but not necessarily in that order.


Jeff and I did not expect a picture of us during the shoot, but I am glad we have it

Our children are Adelle-7, Jeffery -5, Josephine-3 and Felicity-1. They love to be social, cook (and eat!), take nature walks, swing, paint, color, wrestle, ‘camp’ inside, play board games, read and cuddle.

As a missionary family living over 8,000 miles from family we have had to depend on each other. I depend on my children to cooperate when I get busy, they depend on me to keep them in contact with family, and fill the fun void grandparents used to fill. We have to be each other’s best friends as we make new friends. We are also teaching each other how to best manage housework and school learning.

It is probably cliche (and boastful but it isn’t meant to be) to say that we are the world’s happiest family. We battle loneliness, missing family, finances and we make a lot of mistakes, but we are content and thriving. I am grateful for our life as strange as it can be at times.

At this stage in life, I am writing fiction in my down time. Fiction is not something that I see as a world-changing vocation, but for all the years I denied the ‘itch’ I could not keep from it anymore. If God gave me a gift (and that is a BIG if, haha), then what kind of example am I setting for my children? I have no idea if it will ever go anywhere, but I needed to step out and try. It is what I would want my children to do.

I am also still learning how to be a housekeeper, homeschooler, preacher’s wife and (hopefully one day) a functional pianist. Housekeeping isn’t my favorite job title (I actually love cleaning, but only when I am home alone). Homeschooling is fun for me, but I am a very straight-to-the-point no frills teacher. So far its worked perfectly.

I also sew when I can, I find modest, stylish and affordable clothes come easier when I just make them myself. Honestly, most of the time I spend sewing (or cleaning up the disaster I make) I ask myself why I would bother, but I {almost} always love the result. Also, the longer I sew, the less often I need to reach for the seam ripper (any seamstresses reading who know what I mean???!).

And that is us in a nutshell. Next up is what we do in ministry here in South Africa.



4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Alyssa, I’m surprised you have any ‘down time’ at all, ha ha. So good for you, for finding any time at all to write. And yes, you have a gift! There’s no ‘if’ about it. Love you :)

      • My pleasure! I’m looking forward to those posts. 😊 I’m not on WordPress much these days but I really like behind the scenes family posts, especially where God is the center, so I’ll be sure to look for yours when I do get on. 💕

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