My Match

Jeff and I met 11 years ago and we both kind of fell into the deep end. I was not planning on meeting anyone at the time, but when Jeff introduced himself to me, we really hit it off. We found that we had similar stories, ambitions, philosophies and goals. After the first week of phone calls, IM chats and text messaging, Jeff joked about being on a mission to find a ‘deal breaker.’ Clearly, I was hiding something mischievous.

We ended up in college together (we met during the summer of freshmen year right before I transferred to his school). And to add to the long list of similarities between us, we found out we have the same favorite pen. Maybe its odd to have a favorite pen, I’m not sure, but hear me out!

In school you are only allowed to use blue and black ink. But since I’m a rebel, and my favorite color is purple, I used purple a purple R.S.V.P pen for my entire high school career. I figured the spirit of the law was that the ink was not hard on the eyes and I kept the spirit of the law. Besides it being my favorite color, the pen also was the perfect size with and leaves thin, neat lines. You can also see how much ink is left, which is both fun (goal setting = using an entire inkwell) and practical. (here I am admitting my sin nature and my nerd status, I put a lot of thought into my pen for a 14 year old).

That first class Jeff and I had together, we awkwardly sit at the same table and arrange our places and he pulls an R.S.V.P pen out of his pocket; since Jeff’s favorite color is green, guess which color his is?!

And he explained to me all the reasons for my own favorite pen, while I unpack my purple one. Yes, clearly I had found my rebellious match.



At school after our honeymoon


Road Trip!


Any thoughts?

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