Kidversations ~ Boy Mom

I was spending some quality time with my 5 year old son, JJ and I thought I would ask him about his love tank. He really thinks the idea of a love bank is weird, but he said his was quite full. I told him that since he was my first boy, he should teach me how to be a good boy’s mommy.

I asked, “So what do boys need from their mommies?”

JJ, “Food.”

Me, “That’s good, I can do that. What about playing? What do boys like to play and learn?”

JJ, “Just eating. Boys just like to eat.”

I did not want to laugh at him, but goodness it was hard not to laugh at that reality! I think husbands are the same way sometimes. I try to make everything so complicatedly perfect and all my son says he needs and wants is food. The conversation went in to more details, but is the gist of it, I thought the stories he shared of feeling loved had to do with spending time together but he kept insisting it was because of the food involved. He was such a sweetie though, cuddling and telling me how awesome my cooking was, I do wish I could keep JJ 5 forever!


2 thoughts on “Kidversations ~ Boy Mom

  1. So…the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…and…the best way to a boy’s heart is through his stomach too? ;) So cute, I love the pearls of wisdom that come from our children!

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