Shamrock Pancakes

St Patrick’s day is almost here! I thought I would share our new family tradition with you. I am a huge fan of St Patrick’s day. I get asked multiple times a week if I am Irish (its probably the flamboyant shade of red hair, lol), and honestly, I don’t know. But I love Irish people and traditions so I don’t mind that people assume.

Last year, I made some shamrock shaped pancakes for the kids. My artist skills on a 1-10 scale might be like a 2, so I really expected a failed attempt (those happen a lot!). All I did was put dyed batter in empty squirt bottles and draw the shapes on to a hot skillet. I first drew the outline and then filled the batter in the middle. The outline cooked first, leaving darker lines and kept the shape very well.

The kids were a huge fan! We also made cupcakes with green icing and gold foiled chocolate coins for the Bible study at our house, and for the elderly folks at the retirement home we minister to on Sundays.

We will be having these pancakes again on Friday, along with another reading of the story of Saint Patrick. What are your St Patrick’s Day plans?10373981_618547669278_7323054884400803253_n947096_618578327838_8015976234452810820_n

^You know you are in South Africa when the chocolate coins are Krugerrands ;)




5 thoughts on “Shamrock Pancakes

  1. Alyssa, I think your artistic skills are closer to the 10 mark, not the 2 lol. If you’re really a 2, then I’m a negative 2 he he. Both creations were awesome. I don’t have any St Patrick’s Day pland at the moment, but you’ve inspired me to make some. I think I’ll try the pancakes:)

  2. Such a great idea! We’re snowed in this morning so no one’s leaving the house so I was considering making pancakes for the kids. I think I’m going to make these this morning even though it isn’t St Patrick’s day yet.

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