A Husband’s Wisdom After False Labor

I was blessed with a husband who is not only intelligent and educated, he is also wise. He understands the way the world works and can see the end of matters. Many times his insight is refreshing and helps me handle situations properly. It wouldn’t be wisdom if he did not also abstain from sharing his thoughts at the wrong times, so wisdom really is a double blessing.

I mentioned before that I have surpassed my due date. Since about 35 weeks I have had many days of false, or prodromal labor. I suppose much of that is normal. I do have an irritable uterus, and posterior babies, so I should not be surprised. But yesterday I truly thought it was early ‘real’ labor. I went through the typical feelings of excitement, and then after several hours, the feeling of this-is-taking-forever and can-I-really-do-this?

After 14 hours of back labor and contractions that started 10 mins apart and then averaging 6-7 mins, I decided it was time to go to bed. When I laid down, they slowed down, and I was a bit upset. I had that feeling that it was all in vain, and began to worry about needing that induction on Saturday.

My husband came close to me, and told me that it was silly to worry as if she was not going to come. He must have thought my heart as as broken as if I were no longer having a baby at all. And really, my heart sinks lower and lower each time in a pregnancy I experience false labor. It feels as intense as real labor. After the better part of a day of laboring, you tell yourself that every wave brings your baby closer. Only then at the end, you find there has been no cervical change and you have not even started the marathon yet. It is a very particular sense of hopelessness and (seemingly) pointless suffering.

When a woman is at this kind of low, it usually is not time to start giving advice. Even comfort should be offered with caution. Surprisingly, I was open for some sage advice and when my husband pointed out that we are still, in fact, having this baby. I might even be able to do it after getting some rest.

Rest. Rest sounds good.


Funny reading this. This has been sitting in my drafts for almost 4 years. I remember this, and feeling a deep sense of disappointment. My husband was right about one thing. We DID have this child, and she is such a delight to us. Not sure that I was restful when she came, but I did get some rest that night. When Saturday/Induction day came, the midwife called and said I could wait another day. I was 42 weeks that Saturday, and she came just a few hours before the scheduled induction that Sunday morning. What a way to keep me on my toes!


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