Gymnastics in our Curriculum

We are so fortunate to live in a place where putting our children in gymnastics is possible and fairly affordable. I knew that gymnastics was part of a traditional Classical education and since I trust the philosophy I thought I’d do my best to make it happen when the time came.

But I did not know the extent of the benefits. I really just thought it was a way to add recess to a child’s education. Gymnastics is so much more than recess. Our older two have been taking lessons once a week for just a few months. Already we have seen improvement in balance, strength, muscle definition, confidence, self control and calculated risk taking.

It may have also helped their creative play a bit, but that could have been a developmental milestone that overlapped. If nothing else it has given them more ideas of ways to play outside.

At a homeschooling conference I took one workshop where a therapist was explaining how essential core strength was to handwriting skills and overall academic success. What a strange thought! There are so many more details that I either don’t remember and am not qualified to even repeat anyway. But when the Liberal Arts believe that training the body goes in conjunction with training the mind, there really is a good reason for it. I love the holistic idea of teaching of the whole child.

And that is one part of my children’s education where learning is all fun and games.


2 thoughts on “Gymnastics in our Curriculum

  1. My oldest took gymnastics from two to six years old and she gained a lot.if strength, balance, and coordination. :) It is, unfortunately, a lot more expensive now otherwise I’d love to enroll Samuel, who it’s five.

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