Homemade Pinata

We might not live in Florida anymore, but our family still loves having Pinatas at birthday parties. I looked  several different places for a pinata for our first kid birthday in South Africa and had no luck. So I thought I would make one with a cereal box.

Except I was 41 weeks along with baby #4 so the hubby, Jeff, came to the rescue! Its great he did too because he is much more detail oriented. All he did was decorate a cereal box with printed paper, and made pretty paper tassels and put zip ties to hang it up.

For our son’s birthday, he did a paper-mache death star. That thing had so many layers it was like a rock. So next time he said he will only do a few layers, pretty sure he did 10-15. Paper strips and flour water didn’t seem all that strong. In hindsight, it dries quite strong.

This year for Addy’s 7th, he made yet another pinata, but since the kids are smaller, he cut the box up into the shape of a butterfly and covered the holes with construction paper. He also cut a bunch of slits with a razor before decorating so it would break easier. We still had 13 kids have a turn before it was empty.

I think it is kind of fun to make your own, and its very cost effective. So here is what we’ve had so far:17121982_655118271498_2006463257_o

The Death Star my husband used a cheap rubber kickball and paper mached over it. When it dried, he deflated the ball and then cut a circle out and glued it back in the opposite direction. He’s a genius, I would have just made a box. The butterfly he cut out of a large cereal box was adorable too. I tried to help by cutting the tassel paper, but he said my lines were not even enough. Haha. I don’t have the patience for that, especially late the night before the party, but maybe that is why night owls and morning people are attracted to each other???

What is your families favorite birthday tradition? And maybe you can help us settle one pinata related issue, do you get three hits on your turn, or three swings? Do you blindfold? Jeff and I grew up with different rules and we could use a jury.


4 thoughts on “Homemade Pinata

  1. 3 swings and blindfolded is my vote, unless you are a toddler lol. No blindfold for little ones I say. I love those ideas for piñatas. I made one from a cereal box too one time. Very basic in my case haha. But in addition to the candy, we actually put some coins in there since I saved money not buying a piñata. The kids thought it was pretty cool:) By the way, I can’t figure out how to ‘like’ your posts. I’ve tried multiple times but it doesn’t let me register or something. I am so NOT techy, so it’s probably me. One big reason I don’t do FB lol.

    • I leave the detailed things to Jeff for a reason! I think you’re right about not blindfolding little ones, they get pretty excited with that bat, haha.

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