Felicity is 1!

I shared about my whirlwind birth of Felicity Jane and it has already been a whole year! She is walking, talking, feeding herself, putting her toys in baskets, and so much of what she does amazes me. She will see the older three children sitting and playing and she leaves me to join them as if to say, “I belong with them, I am one of them now.” And my heart just melts.

With Addy’s birthday being so close, we decided to join their parties to simplify. But we lost power for 24 hours, and I could not make her a smash cake. Everything worked out perfectly, and the party (though planned at the last minute) was amazing. But on Felicity’s birthday we had a little picnic at a nearby park and let her have a piece of cake.

She surprised us all by saying, “I want this,” when Jeff placed her cake in front of her. She says all sorts of things that just floor me. Last time she had cake she told me she loved it. I really have loved watching her grow this year; I feel like I appreciate everything more since she is the fourth child and I know how quickly they change. Let me share some photos of the big 1!



Any thoughts?

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