The Hardest Part about Parenting

I love being a mother, which is convenient since I have four adorable children. I could write about how I don’t sleep or how we have shared a dozen strange viruses over the last few years, or how they eat and eat and eat and I practically live in the kitchen. But really those things are not that difficult compared to the task of being the example I want my children to follow.

I have purposed to teach my children how to: love Jesus, make the most out of their days, work hard at playing, love learning, practice kindness, believe they can do anything, train their mind and body and enjoy eating right. This means I should also be doing those things.

Yikes. I struggle with all of those. So in addition, I am learning grace so I can teach the children to also live in grace and follow our dreams without guilt or fear of failure. There are some practical things I have been doing to help me achieve these goals without additional stress. Actually, there is quite a bit less stress in general. I am learning to do away with the physical things that steal my time and joy, choose our friendships wisely, and create an easier system for running the house. I am also learning how to not feel guilty about taking some time to do the things that I love.

I have always been intrigued and compelled to seek out the life God could grant if we could by faith, have wings as eagles. I want my children to soar in life, but if I am not the example of grace, faith, joy and freedom, where would they learn it?

So here I am, learning that material possessions, cupcakes, a spotless house, and excessive leisure don’t bring me lasting joy, and I hope and pray that applying this lesson in my life will help me and my children pursue the things that do bring lasting joy.


Any thoughts?

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