David’s Hope

I had two thoughts from my Bible reading a few days ago that really stuck out to me. I shared about how I noticed that David did not set out chasing giants. I could not help but also notice a striking difference between David and the Philistines.

To set the stage of I Samuel 17 again, remember that the Philistine army is on one mountain, and the Israelite army is on the opposite mountain. Goliath, a mighty giant between 8 and 10 feet tall, is boasting down in the valley. Goliath is challenging the Hebrews to send their mightiest warrior. No one has yet volunteered to fight him.

David gets called in by Saul and volunteers to fight the giant. After trying on the kings armor, David decides to have a run in with a giant warrior with nothing but a sling and five stones. David slew the Goliath and the Philistine army fled.

An entire army just fled.

How amazing! One person in their army dies in battle and the entire lot was frightened enough to retreat. Now, I am not a theological expert. I am not going to give doctrinal statements or venture into controversy on my blog, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that the Philistine army’s hope was placed on that one man.

That is an unfair burden placed on any one man, or even a group of people. But what makes David so different from the Philistines (or even his own comrades), is that David’s hope was placed in God. What confidence David could have knowing he was working for his Creator. David acted out his faith in God, and God answered him; its a good thing too because David was not sitting around waiting for signs.



Any thoughts?

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