Our New Home

I am so relieved to be back in the blogging world! My family has changed so much since I was last a regular blogger. I have posted several times since the birth of my third child, Josephine but having a third child turned my tiny world upside down and I had a hard time keeping up with necessities so hobbies like writing and sewing were put on hold.

It took about a year to feel like I was getting a handle on life with my three darlings, but other aspects of life kept me from my hobbies. Until now! I am finally living in the big, absolutely stunning continent of Africa! We are in the country of South Africa, not Namibia just yet, but we are trying to find our place in the ministry here and it has been such a wonderful time for our family.

We flew to South Africa in the beginning of October 2015. We only planned on living in this country for two years, so I was praying desperately for a furnished house with a yard safe for the children to play. We had a particular budget for rent, and once we landed and were looking for rentals we found almost nothing open to us in that price range. We were able to find two houses to tour and one was small and needed a lot of work (and was full of spiders), and the other was also small but on a shared property with free ranging dogs, cats, birds and an uncovered pool. The landlady of the latter decided she was not comfortable renting to a family with small children.

And then I found one house online. It was absolutely perfect from the pictures. It was about 1500 square feet, large grassy yard, three bedrooms and completely furnished. Jeff wasn’t interested because it was a little over our allotted rent budget and and would include our small portion for furnishing a house. After a continued empty search he finally agreed to look! My youngest daughter had a stomach virus, so he went without me. I was so anxious but he came back with a glowing report. The house was not just furnished, it was so equipped it was as if the man living there just walked out with his clothes.

The house was more than I even prayed for, the yard bigger and absolutely safe for the children to roam freely, the house was furnished from spoons and knives to beds, drapes and towels. We only had to pay the down payment and unload our clothes and the kids toys (which aside from our laptop and sewing machine is about all we packed). There is a master bedroom, a girl room, and a boy room and a large dining room table. Absolutely fitting for our needs.

I was pretty amazed at how amazing God was in answering our prayer. The home we rent fulfills all of our needs, and is also comfortable and beautiful, something I was not expecting. So, with such a wonderful yard and home, we went crazy and decided to also get a puppy!




Any thoughts?

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