I’m Learning to Let Her Go

My daughter has been helping me cook since she could stand, she loves helping. All my kids do really, but she has a patience for it that is unwavering. Adelle is 6 and is pretty capable at prepping fruits and vegetables, frying eggs, cleaning up, mixing batter, coating meats and the like. Lately that hasn’t been quite enough though. She wants to make her own recipes!

The crazy lady who wants everything to be perfect really screams inside at this idea. I know, cause that’s me! I have developed a parenting philosophy that sometimes clashes with my nature, and that’s where its really handy to have a philosophy. So against my ‘better’ judgment I have let her go!

I know her training, experience and capabilities and yet it was hard to let her do something as minor as sprinkling salt on our dinner. But I smiled as she seasoned our pan grilled chicken dinner, designed her own slushy, breakfast smoothies, pancakes and sandwiches. It is such a beauty to behold! I offer a little guidance here and there, but I let her pick and prep her own ingredients, and run with it.

I monitor closely, she needs to stay safe handling meats and I handle the blender for her and the stove isn’t something she is allowed near without me standing shoulder to shoulder with her (she’s on a stool Montessori style inspired), but I let go a little and gave her room to grow.

She is flourishing, and it hurts my heart a little. She is my oldest, and everything she does is new territory for me. I am growing as a parent as she is growing into an adult. So often I hold her and wish I could have my baby Adelle back. But there is no greater satisfaction than the age she is right now; remembering all the patience and hard work that brought us here and seeing the light in her eyes as she is discovering all the things she can do.



2 thoughts on “I’m Learning to Let Her Go

  1. I honestly can’t imagine giving Lila that much freedom in another 2 years, but who knows, maybe I’ll grow some courage between now and then! Good for you!

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