Happy 10 Months!


My daughter is 10 months old today! It would be impossible to express how much fun it is to see a little personality grow up. Children are all so unique, and I am constantly amazed at how my three are all so different.

My sweet Josephine is full of personality. She loves to make people laugh; she has the largest, happiest smile accompanied with huge blue eyes; she can be patiently sneaky, but is very selective with which battles she chooses; I have never seen a baby enjoy hugs and kisses as much as her, or cry with as much brokenness if you walk by without acknowledging her.

She has taken several steps, though never more than two at a time. She pulled up at 4 months old, and like my others was born with a determination to move. She rolled over both ways at just 3 days old, said Momma at 5 months and Da-Da at 6. She currently says a ton of words from Bye-Bye to Bear, Dis {this} to Dat {That}, Ada {For Adelle} to Down {often as she is reaching to the ground making herself impossible to hold}.

She loves to play patty-cake, show us the “Big Girl” and mimic your sounds and gestures, hide from us in Peek-a-boo, and whatever other game requires interaction. She is in love with her brother and sister. Anytime they are asleep, she sneaks in their room to wake them up. Once they were gone at Granny’s house when she woke from a nap and she went straight in their room looking for them, when their beds were empty she yelled, “Ada!” over and over hoping to find them. Josephine knows she is one of them and gleefully jumps in the middle of rough housing with daddy with no concern for danger.

All my children are unique and interesting to me. I could have a dozen more and they would all be a source of fascination for their mother. I think that realizing the strengths and weaknesses of their personalities has helped me understand people a bit better. God created us all different and for different reasons. Realizing that God intended people to be the way they are has helped me appreciate the things I did not used to understand in people before. It is now easier to appreciate people for who they are instead of how much we get along.

Having three children has taught me a lot more than how to take care of a baby, meal plan or clean house, it has taught me more about life in general and it is so much fun to learn.


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