Do You Reeeally Know What You Are Talking About?

My sweet daughter was 3 and had this sudden interest in plants and flowers. She wanted to know where flowers come from and if they eat. With glee I explained about dirt, sun, rain and roots. It is a wonderful feeling to know something your child wants to understand. But I quickly found myself to be lacking intellect. *How* did the roots pick up water? *Why* do the flowers show up on this branch and not the other one too? And how do the nutrients from the dirt go to the plant?

Now, I feel like I know enough about botany to sound like I believe it is magic. It just does. *sigh*

And the thing I once thought I understood I realize I have no idea what I am talking about. Because the truth is, if you do not know how to explain it to a 3 year old, you do not really know how or why it works.

Have you ever been dumbfounded by a tot? Do share :)