A Child’s Spirituality ~ This Good Thing

Sunday morning, I asked my daughter to throw away her little brother’s banana peel and wipe off the mess after breakfast. I asked politely, but went right back to work, trusting she would obey. Mind you, she HATES touching banana peels and banana remnants, and who can blame her? It is gross.

In the corner of my eye I saw her stand near the table, assess the situation and begin to say, “It doesn’t feel good to say this but…..” and take a deep breath. I had no idea what was coming next; she looked hesitant and thoughtful so I listened while I ironed.

“Thank you Lord for letting me do this good thing.”

Wow. I could hear the anticipation morph into gratitude in just one sentence.

This was the morning of her 4th Birthday, I can't believe I have a 4 year old!!

This was the morning of her 4th Birthday, I can’t believe I have a 4-year-old!!

I waited patiently while she cleaned the table, but could not help but tell her how wonderful her attitude was and how proud she makes me. I told her I was happy, and she asked why I would cry if I was happy. Sometimes mommies have tears for happiness, they are strange like that :)


2 thoughts on “A Child’s Spirituality ~ This Good Thing

  1. Awe, thank you for sharing this. It always melts my heart to see children who have such a love for Jesus. It shows in everything they do. I am sure it’s so much stronger when the child is your own though!

    Oh, and banana peels are gross!!

    • It is so much more humbling when it is one of mine! And it makes me realize that they watch everything I see and do so I have to be very careful.

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