The Cycle of Friendship



This was when JJ turned 2

My kids lost their best friend! Two weeks ago my best friend and her children moved overseas to learn a foreign language to be missionaries next year. Its crazy loosing her and even wilder to watch my children go through cycles of not understanding where their friend is, to mourning her loss, to acceptance and back again.

I was feeling a bit sorry for my kids, losing their best friend and all, until I realized that I don’t know any of my friends from ages 2-4 either and I turned out okay :) It is sad for a season, but our children have the unique opportunity to meet and make friends from all over the US. Any they, like many other missionary children, are little experts at making new friends.

It was eye opening to be able to see someone close to me leave the country. I understand a little better how my family and friends feel about me leaving and I have developed some compassion :) Well, Michelle is going to be blogging about what it is like to move from the US to Latin America and learn a new language. If you are interested in watching her transition, her first post is here.

As for myself, I feel like I am finally getting some energy back after having my third child and will be blogging again. It has been killing me to not be writing. I have been writing as a hobby since middle school and have a crazy itch for it even when I don’t have time. Its crazy, if I don’t have time to write, I spend time thinking about what I would be writing if I could. its now time to put all that thinking into good use!

Is there anything in particular you would like to know about what it is like to travel the country with three small children and a preaching husband?



Any thoughts?

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