Who is Really Wasting Time?

I am a rather timely person. The very thought of possibly being tardy sends a fire through my veins and causes my heart-rate to increase. No lie, I cannot stomach the thought and even have a hard time when people are late meeting me. It is an unreasonable pet peeve of mine and I just have to forgive people all the time because not every human has to force themselves to wait to leave the house so they are not super, super early for every appointment, etc.

That being said, in my parenting philosophy I feel like children should be able to do things for themselves and do things at their own, un-rushed, pace. Sadly, my philosophy and my personality often clash. Especially when my preschooler and toddler are loading into the van. They have an uncanny ability to remember things from last year, but always try to enter into the wrong side of the van first, and climb in at the pace of a snake shedding skin. And every entrance finds new discoveries of toys or who-knows-what was left in the car from last trip.

The other day we were leaving a hotel and the kids were being pokey loading and buckling up and my son was happily finding new snacks in the road-trip snack box. They antsy part of my that always wants to do everything as fast as possible decided to think that JJ was wasting time. As quickly as the thought came, I realized that his countenance was one of a happy, contented child sprinkled with and ounce of glee over unsweetened applesauce.

He may have been USING a bit more time than me, but he was using it with wonder and excitement. And I learned that using time effectively is not always about doing as much as you can in 60 seconds, but more about the quality of the minutes you spend, and I smiled with JJ.



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