Beautiful Pumpkin

I love picking pumpkins! Our family does not celebrate Halloween, but we certainly enjoy our fall festivities. Every year we have gone out and picked our own pumpkins to carve. I excel at spotting the perfect pumpkin. I like my pumpkin to be a deeper orange, a tad squat, round, and perfectly symmetrical, with no brown patches or sunken spots. It is an art, really. Like thrift store shopping.

My three year old on the other hand….She loves pumpkins. She loves all of them. Adelle is not limited to any preconceived idea of beauty.

I could not help but think of myself as a pumpkin. I’m not as spiritually tall as I should be. I have been through some rough spots. Sometimes my attitude can be a bit, well, bumpy.

But God just picks me up, smiles and says, “Hey! Look what I got!”



Any thoughts?

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