Hey Friends!

Life with three children really IS as different as I have been told! Juggling three independent, tiny humans at three different stages of life is interesting. It is not impossibly difficult, but I am slowly realizing that a bit of foresight helps me anticipate the different needs. Slowly may be the key word there. I have noticed that with baby #3 I am less fretful then I’ve been in the past. I’ve never been an overly cautious mom (I think it may have something to do with being so young), but I did worry about my children’s sense of security and self worth.

I want my children to feel secure and know that God created them and loves them. However, instead of trying to interpret every cue as a test of her self-esteem, I just do what I know to do. I remember the incredible feelings of guilt and worry when my firstborn cried constantly. I read that babies can carry trauma from infancy for the rest of their life. That kind of burden is a bit too heavy for a 22 year old with a sick baby.

I am no psychiatrist, and I am by no means giving advice, but I have decided that the future is not my concern. Instead I do what I know to do right now.


And life has been pretty smooth. We have had the same baby issues as with the other two. Diaper blow-outs-in public, a few fits of uncontrolled crying, frequent nursing, gas pain, diaper rash, teething pain and over stimulation. I try to meet and anticipate the needs but if for some reason she has to communicate to me by crying I don’t stress or worry about her emotional well-being.

My older two have adjusted fairly well. They have both had minor setbacks when they feel they need more attention, but nothing that lasted more than an afternoon here and there.

We began traveling three weeks after my daughter was born, and she is now almost 9 weeks. I began putting her in the nursery at 8 weeks but she doesn’t always like to stay, so sometimes I get called back. That is fine with me, I can usually (depending on the church) find a place where I can hear the sermon with her and still not be a distraction. Every church has a different culture with how mothers handle babies during service, so sometimes I go in the nursery, other times to a nursing room, sometimes the foyer, and other times it is perfectly normal to bring the baby into the service.

I do want her to be happy in the nursery and enjoy the company of other adults. I believe good social skills can make babies happy, but she will come by it naturally so I am not going to worry about that either.

I have had a bit of a break from blogging and I have missed it terribly! I am back to it and am working a bit more on what I do. I mostly have posted about my philosophies and happenings on marriage, parenting and the home, but I would really enjoy posting here and there about what we do. I will enjoy sharing more about what it is like to travel with three kids, why we travel so much, and what it is like being in the ministry.

I am going to do my best catching up on your posts too! Post a link if there is anything of yours I shouldn’t have missed the last 2 months ;)


One thought on “Hey Friends!

  1. It sounds like things are going really well! I would love to hear more about your traveling; the way you live must be quite different than most families! :)

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