Kidversations ~ Mommy Milk

My two and three year old came to my bed first thing in the morning. It was the first morning they woke at home after their sister was born. The baby awoke and I thought nothing of nursing her with my daughter there. She saw me nurse her brother for a year, and she used to pretend to breastfeed her dolls.

She must’ve forgotten because her eyes grew huge as I prepared the baby for a latch.

“Mommy! What are you doing?!”

I was dumbfounded and searched for the right response while she continued,

“That makes people weird, Mom!”

I explained how babies get their milk and we spent some time together while baby fed. Several times she kept shaking her head saying things like, “we get milk from cups and bowls.” She was trying to process this strange phenomenon.

A few minutes later she says, “I’m thirsty, may I have some milk.” Then a worried look spread across her face, “Um…Can I have my milk in a cup?”



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