It’s Worth the Details

I began sewing when I was pregnant with my first child. My personality usually lends itself to me finishing projects as fast as possible and being done. But after a few projects I realized that I should put just a tad more effort into my work. It’s a good principle regardless of the work in question, but not always an easy ideal to employ!

I put sewing stuff away and didn’t want to make another sewing mess until after baby came. Well, I don’t wait well because the other day I decided to sew again. Here is my most recent project and I did something I’ve never really done; I decorated my dresses. It was a bit slow, and I’ve never worked so long on a finished, wearable dress, but it was worth it! Lesson learned!


I can’t wait til the baby fits it so they can all wear them together! My first shopping trip after baby might be the fabric store to make three more matching outfits.


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