Summer Crafts ~ Paper Mache

I am getting a tad behind in posting! I keep documenting and writing bits here and there to post and have not finished anything yet! I am just going to share this quick post about our craft of the day and continue writing my other posts! I could blame my lack of energy on the fact that I am STILL pregnant! 5 days past my due date, and the not-yet-named baby girl is welcome any time now.

There is something I am planning on working on in the future, but it requires a bit of paper mache, so I thought I would practice during some craft times with the kids. One day we made a bowl for daddy, and today we did an overlay on a shoebox to turn it into a gift box.

Our recipe was a simple 1:1 ratio of white Elmer’s glue to water.

I let the kids ‘paint’ the glue on with paintbrushes. For the bowl we made I covered a bowl with regular plastic wrap and painted a layer of glue on and added several layers of ripped construction paper on top, gluing between each layer with a final layer of glue on top. When it was dry we removed it from the saran wrap and had a little bowl to give daddy for his pocket change.




Ripping paper is def my son’s favorite part, while putting the ‘paint’ and pictures in place is an art for my daughter.

Adelle picked a special picture for the front

Adelle picked a special picture for the front



Have you ever tried paper mache? lt is a handy little crafting skill we will certainly use again :)


3 thoughts on “Summer Crafts ~ Paper Mache

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  2. That looks like such a fun activity for preschoolers! Never would have thought to do a little lidded-box! Great work, overdue mama! ;)

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