Inquisitive Mind

English: Complete neuron cell diagram. Neurons...

Complete neuron cell diagram. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My sweet daughter wants to understand every facet of every topic. If you do not give her every detail, she will quickly drain the knowledge out of you with questions. I do LOVE that she loves to learn, but it sure can be exhausting! Aside from the exhaustion, the most amazing thing is that her questions sometimes catch me way off guard and I am left absolutely speechless.

Speechless because she is either 1. Not supposed to know enough to ask the question in the first place, 2. Not old enough to be concerned with such. 3. or sometimes the audacity of the question itself just makes me laugh!

Questions I was not prepared to answer to my three year old:

  1. “How is Baby Sister going to come out?”
  2. *regarding a mother screaming at her children* “What is she doing?”
  3. “How does the brain spider work?” *referring to a picture of neurons* – this led to a very interesting conversation about how our brains work, and she wanted more info than I have! A few weeks later she brought it up again asking, “How does the brain spider help us think again?
  4. Why does my brother have that? *pointing to his lower region during bath time -this was asked at barely 2*
  5. “Why did those soldiers kill Jesus?” “Why did Jesus die since He didn’t do anything wrong?” “How can Jesus die when God cannot die?” *I would be happy to answer these questions usually, but it is hard to know what three year old will understand*
  6. “Does she have a baby in her belly too?!” *no, this poor woman did not have a baby in her belly and I was pretty embarrassed*
  7. “Hey Mom! Do you have any cash?” I told her no and she responded with, “Can you get some?”
  8. “What happens to our bodies when we die?”
  9. “Why can’t I wear a bra?” *also asked at 2!*
  10. “Mommy, I am going to ask Jesus for a very nice husband for when I grow up.” *and on another occasion* “Will you come to my wedding?”

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