Kidversations ~ Conversations with JJ

My goofy boy waiting for Sunday dinner.

My goofy boy waiting for Sunday dinner.

My little buddy is 2 today! :) I thought I would write down a few of the funny short conversations I have had with my little buddy over the last few weeks. He makes me laugh all the time, I just forget to write most of it down.

Conversations with JJ

“JJ, who loves you?”


“Yes. Who else loves you?”

“Sissy.” He answers, very sure of himself.

“Does anyone else love you?”

“No, Sissy.”

“How about Daddy?”

“No, Sissy woves me.”

“Does Mommy love you?”

“Sissy does. I want Sissy.”


I was trying to understand why I have trouble getting him to leave my ipad alone and finally it occurred to me. “JJ, whose Ipad is this?”

“Its JJ’s hi-pad.” *points to his chest* “I’m JJ.”


I had to correct a behavioral issue with my little buddy and after he adjusted his attitude and was a bit happier he looked around sheepishly and says, “I ‘unna go ganny’s house.”


I was undressing JJ from his morning PJ’s to take him to the restroom and dress him for the day and he excitedly exclaims as soon as the last piece of fabric leaves his skin, “I NAKED!!! Yay!”


The kids were playing with water guns and JJ aims his weapon at me and yells, “I gonna shoot da bad guy!”

“Mommy’s not a bad guy!” I respond in an amused horror.

“You a bad guy!” He assures and then shoots me in the chest.


JJ comes to me with a pitiful face, “I got a bonk. Tiss it better?”

“Noooo….”I respond being silly, “I don’t kiss it better, I BITE it better!” JJ giggles, “No bite it better! TISS it better!”

“Nope, Mommy only bites it better.” JJ offers his uh-oh for biting better. It is miraculously healed.

JJ now offers all bonks and uh-ohs to Mommy to “Bite it better.” Or even funnier, he bites it himself.


We always pray for our meal, and sometimes the kids want to pray, so we all take turns at the table praying. JJ melted my heart a few weeks ago when his prayer was this,

“Dank you Jesus for my food. Dank you Jesus a Mommy, Dank you Jesus a Daddy, Dank you Jesus a Sissy.” He thinks for a minute, and raises his happy little head, “H-Amen!”




Any thoughts?

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