First Impression – Lasting Impression

Face - smiling woman with great bangs

(Photo credit: GregPC)

I am not going to lie, there is a LOT or pressure in this world to be a perfect wife and mother. I am not a perfectionist, but as much as I would like to be perfect, I would certainly hope a perfectionist would be a little closer than I! One issue in marriage that I often see brought up is about how presentable we make ourselves to our husbands. i.e, what we look like when he comes home.

Now, I’m not discrediting all that great advice about being clean, beautiful and happy for your husband, we really SHOULD try to be presentable. But…..let me tell you about what I looked, smelled like, and how I behaved when my husband first spoke to me.

Here is the whole story of when we met, but I will just briefly share our introduction with you now:

It was Wednesday of Junior church camp. I had not had a shower since Tues morning. Wednesday is the day of camp I wear my ‘ugly’ outfit. Don’t ask me why, but I always wear my most horrible outfit in the middle of camp.

It was 4 pm, and I had been swimming in a chlorinated pool so my (then) curly hair was a tangled, horrible mess thrown up in some form of messy bun.

I was yelling, not angry, just loud as I coached elementary girls how to play volleyball. It’s not easy you know!

So to sum it up, when I first met my husband the best smell I could possibly have had was chlorine, my hair was a mess, I was sunburnt without a hint of makeup on, I was wearing my least attractive outfit and I was not behaving in any lady like manner. And my future husband still approached me.

My conclusion?

My husband thinks I am beautiful all the time. It may be a personal flaw of his, but when he is honest he tells me that I look the same no matter what I wear or the state of my makeup. Putting effort into my appearance is important, but maybe some days I should give myself less grief about the spills on my dress, the frizz level of my hair or my unlevel finger nails.

Maybe approaching him with a smile is enough sometimes.


Any thoughts?

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