My Apologies, Facebook

Like many people I know, I like to post funny, interesting, important and/or ironic happens on Facebook. I enjoy reading most status updates as well and love how I can stay updated with friends from different parts of my life. As I was considering posting another status, I realized it was, yet again, about my children.

I post again, and again and again on my children. Honestly, I think they are hilarious, and I am a bit sappy and get proud about every little accomplishment. But, isn’t Facebook supposed to be about the individual named?

That was my dilemma.

My poor FB friends did not friend request my children, so why post about them so disproportionately? I have heard many people say statements like, “My kids are my life.” And I must honestly admit that that is not the case with me.

Jesus is the source of my life, and I try to live for Him instead of living for myself. If my children were my life, what would I have when they grew? What kind of parent would I be if I were raising little idols? What would they become?

No, my children are not my life, but….they are a HUGE part of it. I eat with, sleep with, play with and share breathing space with a preschooler, a toddler, and a full term, yet-born baby. Every other part of my day (when I am in town) revolve around cleaning the house, cooking and homeschooling Pre-K.

How many times does Facebook need to hear about my grilled, broiled, or baked chicken with steamed veggies and mashed potatoes?

But I have to conclude, that if my status updates are going to be frequent and about the ‘interesting’ part of my day, then they will probably include the little people I share my moments with. I have not tired of following the growth of my friends’ children (but of some animals, I’ll admit ;). And *sigh* there are always those terrible block, un-friend and/or unsubscribe buttons for those who requested me but are not that interested.

I love my children, and I love the way I get to spend my daily life with them. Everyday I have the opportunity to grow as a parent and see them get one step closer to becoming adults. Each moment is precious, and I get excited about all the little things and want to share them with my friends and family on Facebook.

So, Facebook, my apologies on the never-ending status updates about my tiny family members. I have decided that it is not going to change any time soon, I do hope you understand :)



8 thoughts on “My Apologies, Facebook

  1. I like seeing the stuff about the kids! As for what I post, it often revolves around my daughter as well. Up until reading this I almost felt narcissistic about posting on myself and not her. Now I just feel narcissistic about both. But, at the same token I don’t look at other’s posting as having that motive so I guess it is safe to suppose they don’t think of mine that way either!

  2. hey- you do NOT write mummy drivel. Now , mummy drivel is taxing on people’s nerves. On the other hand, amusing antedotes, insightful commentary, Christian musings and a desire to grow, and learn are NOT DRIVEL

  3. I mentioned something on Facebook once about trying not to bombard people with pictures of my kids, but that was met with a chorus of friends telling me they looked forward to pictures and news of my family. You’re grown into a woman with a family, and I’m sure many of your friends have too, so it seems to me that friendships adjust to include the newere better package :-)

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