Potty Training Update

When I posted my experience of potty training I promised an update at some point. I guess now is as good a time as any since it has been 7 months! I feel like that is enough time to consider the potty training well established and unlikely to regress.

My son was 16.5 months when we began potty training and it only took him 2 days to be potty trained. The first few months accidents were rare, but there were about three rougher spots when he would have several accidents a week. These ‘rough’ spots were between one and two weeks each and ALWAYS happened when we were home (we travel for a living). I think that I get preoccupied when we are home trying to do everything I miss out on while we travel, and he reconnects with his toys and room and forgot to tell me in time sometimes.

The last good while has been excellent but I do still take him preemptively before we go for a drive, to the park or even play outside. I don’t mind reminding him myself because it is easier to make him go before we leave somewhere then to have to take him as soon as he gets the ‘call’ and I’m halfway down a park trail.

He is going to be 2 in 2 weeks and still cannot dress himself. He can undress himself, but still expects me to do it for him. Like I mentioned before, we skipped the kid sized potty seat and he has always used the ‘big’ potty. He can finally get on and off of the potty himself, but still sits facing backward since it is less messy.

I say less messy, because he is still a boy, and he thinks aiming is fun. Pretty sure you cannot change that in a boy ;)

He has had 3 accidents while I had him out in public. Most of them after sitting in a restaurant for a bit, and all three times I was out with friends. Accidents don’t really bother me. It is not any more difficult to change his clothes than it would be to change a diaper. He doesn’t empty his bladder when he has an accident so it is not terrible to handle, just a change of pants I was going to wash anyway ;)

I still feel like early potty training is for me and I haven’t regretted it for a second!

I don’t know that he could possibly remember being in diapers because it has been so long, but he still knows that he is doing something wonderful when he goes on the potty. When he climbed on the potty by himself the first time for me he told me, “Say, ‘good boy JJ,'” and grinned at me. If he is in silly or fantastic kind of mood he waves and says, “Bye-Bye poo-poo!” and giggles at himself while the toilet flushes.

I think early training was good for him and not stressful as many would probably assume. Early potty training has given us something to bond over, and increased my son’s confidence in his ability to learn new things. I am proud of his accomplishment, however normal of a milestone it may be.



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