Baby Blanket Cheat

I was so relieved to finally finish a mini quilt I made two years ago, that I got the nerve to make a new blanket for Little Sis, my full term, not yet born baby. I have made each of my children one so far, so I felt like it was only right.

I bought this awesome spray that adheres batting to fabric without using a hundred safety pins! It was on sale for half price, otherwise it would have been a bit pricey. I paid 7 USD.

To make this super easy baby comforter, all I did was cut two pieces of cotton fabric the desired size and two pieces of batting (I like extra loft). I sprayed the batting pieces to each other and the fabric on either side of the batting.

All was left to do was sew the quilting lines and add the binding.

Now when Little Sis is born she has a Mommy made blankie like Addy and JJ!

Here is her baby comforter, and pics of my earth-side children (at 2 days and then day of birth) and their blankets.




Any thoughts?

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