2 Years of Procrastination

I was on bedrest for the last trimester of my second child and desperately needed something to do while my husband was out of town. In about a week, I managed to start and almost finish a tiny Ohio star quilt block quilt (except the whole quilt was only one 9 patch), I did the whole baby blanket by hand since I wasn’t allowed to sit up much. All that needed finishing was to hand sew the back part of the binding, for an invisible seam.

Well, I am going to use a no-no word: I hate hand sewing. Absolutely abhor it, I cannot get the stitches even, or place them properly etc. I did the piecing by hand, but did not know how to sew the invisible binding seam and was not up for any more hand stitches. So I procrastinated….FOR 2 YEARS!

My daughter found the mostly finished blanket among my fabric stash and was so thrilled that she had found a blanket I was making her. I wasn’t, but who am I to crush her heart, huh? So I kept it out and waited another month or more. Well, yesterday I finally gave in and just machine sewed (is that really a verb?) the binding on. I have seen enough store bought blankets to realize that binding does not have to be perfect, it just has to cover the seams.

I finished it in ten minutes. I procrastinated 2 years for a 10 min project.




3 thoughts on “2 Years of Procrastination

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