A World of Firsts

Last night was date night for me and Jeff. We have been married for 5.5 years and wanted a special night before the birth of our third child. We have done a ‘baby-moon’ for each of our children, and though last night was the simplest one we have had, it was still great. We went out to a steak dinner and cuddled while we watched a storm approach above the river. After our time at the park we picked up The Confession and some snacks.


I would have liked a picture of both of us…


Naturally, one of our indulgences were Dove Chocolates and inside one of the wrappers it said, “Remember your first everything.” And that is what I shall attempt to do.

My first best friend: Katie, we were friends before we were school age and our backyards shared the same fence. Our favorite activity was playing house outside in the mud, and digging for treasure.

My first crush: Morgan, he was very funny for a first grader.

My first chapter book: Bunnicula. I am not sure why, but this was what my first grade teacher let me borrow, so that is what I read. I didn’t enjoy it a ton, but love reading anyway.

My first academic heartbreak: When writing down the first letters of objects pictured, I put an ‘F’ under refrigerator. In my house we always just called it a fridge, and so I got it wrong. It still bothers me now that I got a question wrong, and it was the first red X I remember and I avoided them the rest of my academic career. Ridiculous? I know, tell me about it ;)

My first sibling: I have 6 siblings, but my first one is named Stephan, and he came 22 months after I did. We competed for everything. Absolutely everything.

My first airplane ride: After driving from Central FL to TX, my first airplane ride was from Dallas to LA to Hong Kong. I love flying! Landing makes me a bit nervous, but being above the clouds is amazing, especially when you can see the sun rise.

My first paying job: Domino’s pizza.

My first car: 1991 Toyota Corolla. It sounded and felt like a go cart, but only cost $900 and had amazing AC.

My first large purchase: A violin. I worked all summer to pay for one and LOVED playing and could play for hours. Sadly, I did not take any classes in high school because JROTC filled my schedule instead. I miss playing my violin, but hit a wall in my ability so it was not as much fun after a while.

The first time I left home: I went away for a month at 16, but away to college at 17 and got married a month after turning 20.

My first time feeling like an adult: At 18 I was a camp counselor and I had a girl get an amazing gash on her scalp. The qualified adult life guards did not know how to handle the situation so I did. Having 4 crazy little brothers gives you plenty of experience with blood, and yes, even ERs.

My first mini novel: It was 50-70 typed pages (back when you still got to tear the dotted edges off :) about a Native American girl named Sunshine who had to move across the nation. I love history, and I love writing, so I turned my small 8th grade history project (supposed to be 4 ish pages) into a book. I let lots of people read it and amazingly other people enjoyed it too.

My first culture shock: When my mom and a friend dropped me off at Clearwater Christian College I stood on the balcony and watched all the people walk and drive by. They were almost all white and I did not expect that. They all dressed nicely and many of them had nice cars and I remember thinking that most of them had probably never had to ask God for food or had to miss out on anything because of money and I felt so very alone.

My first home after marriage:


We got married just before Christmas and rented a home about 600 square feet with a yard over a 1/4 acre of land. This is back when I still wore pants, I have not worn pants in years, this picture feels ancient to me.

My first child and parenting experience: Yikes! I love my first child with all my heart, but with a very rough labor and a very colicky baby I wondered for 6 months if I could survive parenting. It got much better, and there are rough patches, but it has been amazing.

My first I love you: I am horrible with admitting my feelings to myself and especially to others. I remember just weeks after dating my husband just KNOWING that I loved him. The feeling did not come with words, but the suddenness of it terrified me. He told me he loved me after a long Saturday on campus together and a very romantic conversation over a picnic lunch accompanied by three yellow roses. It took me a month or more to say it back, even though I knew it was true, even then I wrote it down in a sweet card first.



6 thoughts on “A World of Firsts

  1. Now I am sitting here trying to think of all my firsts!! Sounds like you had a lovely date night out. Congrats on the 3rd child!! You should check out our block to learn more about The Highchair Organizer! Might be something you can use with your new baby!!

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