My 3rd Pregnancy in a Nutshell

I have not kept a pregnancy journal and honestly I’m not sure there are enough interesting happenings to put in one. But I thought I would jot down all the things I remember about this pregnancy.

I first suspected pregnancy toward the beginning of November. We were not trying to conceive so it was a surprise, but we have never tried before so it was not a huge surprise either. I took me a week after my missed cycle before I could test positive and the wait was tough!

Early in the pregnancy, about 5 weeks, I started having trouble eating. I was super nauseous my first pregnancy, and just a manageable sickness with my second but this time was different. I did feel nauseous sometimes, but I just couldn’t eat. I could not bear to put food in my mouth at all, everything made me gag. I tried to eat healthy anyway, but ate so little that I lost about 14 lbs the first trimester.

I started making smoothies to get some calories and vitamins and drank a few a day between my scant meals.

The only major issue I had my first trimester was extreme exhaustion. I was super tired my last two pregnancies but this felt like an other worldly kind of tired. Maybe because I had two children, some people blamed my age (I’m only 25, so I doubt that), but baby growing is tiring, do we really need another reason?

At about 16 weeks that awful gag reflex went away and I was able to eat like a normal person. This is also when I was less tired, still not normal, but operable. The second trimester was not eventful, we spent it traveling the States from church to church, so much of it is a blur anyway!

There was some issue with a due date at my 17 week ultrasound. The baby measured small for gestational age. The difference in age was between 7-13 days and the tech told us she would put 10 days different on the report, but ended up putting 9 days instead. The midwife would have changed the due date if the difference was 10 days, but could not because it was 9 days on the report. I was a little worried because my last two babies were off by two weeks and even after changing my due date two weeks farther away, my son came over a week past his due date.

I did not have my due date changed despite the evidence my first pregnancy and did not enjoy being induced. I do worry about induction this time around in case the due date is faulty, but my new provider, a midwife, would not induce until 42 weeks so I would still be at least 40 weeks, and that is okay. My last induction was 38 weeks and baby was not ready, even if it does happen, baby will be ready at 40 weeks no doubt.

One interesting issue I had this pregnancy is insomnia. I went several weeks where I could not for the life of me sleep more than 6 hours. This made me very productive in the very early hours, but sleepy the second half of the day!

Eeesh! My back does not like being pregnant! I try not to complain because I feel like ignoring pain makes it more tolerable, and I really don’t like admitting pain to people. Talking about pain builds it up and gives a sort of anticipation that makes it less than easy to handle. But it is another one of those symptoms that has been harder every pregnancy. Makes me nervous to have a fourth, or maybe the third one reaches capacity…..?

I am currently 37 weeks 3 days pregnant. We are trying to get every cupboard and drawer organized in the next few days just in case. We had a scare two days ago when I had some false labor for a few hours. It was rougher than the real labor I had last time and sent pain clear down to my knees from every contraction! I sure hope this labor does not feel like that when it really comes!

But I doubt it will, one day of false labor with my second child was a day of back labor. Yes, a whole day of back labor. Luckily my mom was in town visiting and knew how to use a rolling pin effectively!

I believe we have everything we need for baby to come, we may buy a few pacifiers, we used them a tiny bit with our other two, but they both suck on their fingers or thumb so it was not necessary (and I’m lazy). This girlie has been sucking her thumb since 17 weeks and if that is what a baby is inclined to do, can you really stop them? I tried with my son, and it just goes back in so I quit trying. He’s almost 2 now and he still does it.

I have not written a birth plan. Maybe I should? I’m not sure. All the things I would put on a plan are not customary anyway since I am delivering out of hospital. IV’s are only used if absolutely necessary (and GBS +), there are no pain medications to decline, they do not do episiotomies and are excellent at preventing tears with counter pressure. They ask before doing anything to my child, so I get to choose whether I desire the K shot or eye ointment. There is no where to take my baby to, and the newborn exam will take place in my arms’ reach and they will share every detail with me.

They do not bathe the baby because it is not necessary, and will place the baby immediately in my arms. Honestly, I don’t know what else there is to choose. I can choose to birth in land or water during labor and I can labor any way I desire.

As long as my blood pressure stays in range and there is no prolapsed cord or other emergency, I don’t believe I need a birth plan with my provider. On the other hand, if I do have to get transferred, what good is a plan in an emergency?

Wait, while you rush to save my baby’s life, will you please read this paper?…..I don’t think so.

About that baby’s name. WE STILL DO NOT HAVE A NAME! Is that horrible? We try and try to come up with the right name but cannot seem to find it. I am full term so maybe we should start trying a little harder.

Our current favorite name would leave her the nickname Jolie, and I love it, but my husband is worried people would always think of a certain actress or think we named her after the actress. But I feel like one person shouldn’t have the monopoly on a name and that people can learn new associations with names.

We already get asked all the time if we named our daughter Adelle after the singer Adele.

Most of pregnancy topics are about how uncomfortable Mom is, or how long pregnancy is and I do not want to go into all the uncomfortable details. Besides, time, and your patience, would fail before I finished my woes on my back, hips, swelling, headaches and painful BH contractions ;)

I am super excited to have baby number 3! I do worry tad about being outnumbered parents to children, but we love children and probably are not stopping at number 3 either. We will see what God wills is :)

34.5 weeks

34.5 weeks


8 thoughts on “My 3rd Pregnancy in a Nutshell

  1. You look great! Being pregnant is truly a wonderful thing. If you’re interested, check out our blog to learn about our product, The Highchair Organizer. It might be something beneficial for you and your child! Let me know what you think :)

      • there is less pressure on you because with three kids communtiy starts to happen with even the littlest toddler proud to contribute when he is told that he is NEEDED, essential, a member of the team called family. I also made “fun” of the baby, “he looks a bit funny, doesn’t he”, So they do not feel dispalced, I gave my milk to the newborn but most attention and words to the older two.. read books, comment on their play, watch them colout. then time spent with baby is also time spent with them

  2. Jolie is cute! It is actually the first name we liked, but we did not like it with our last name so we stretched it out to Jolynn :) What is the full name? I think it doesn’t matter what name you pick. People will have associations. People always sing that “Jolene” song, and if it’s someone I’m close to I say, “That’s funny, but that’s not her name.” Haha! Our pastor calls her Angelina Jolie but he says its because he can’t remember her name. Whatever!

  3. You are super cute, Alysssa! :D
    Sorry about the sickness/loss of appetite in the beginning – that’s no fun at all!
    Uh-oh, you guys better be looking at baby name books good and hard, LOL! Hmm, while I agree that people *should* look beyond that actress’ name, I admit, that was my very first thought when I read it. I love the name, but it WOULD make people think of her, I’m afraid. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’tuse it, though. ;)
    I can’t wait to hear how your birth goes!!

    • Thank you for the compliment ;) we will def. have to keep on the name thing, and I am praying for a safe delivery of a healthy baby and cannot wait to share the birth story, hopefully it is an uneventful as my last one and just as joyful :) those first few minutes of holding my son were the best few minutes I could have asked for!

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