Kinesthetic Method of Teaching Shapes

It will never cease to amaze me just how differently my two children learn! Not only do they pick things up differently, they pick up different subjects! I can honestly say that I don’t know what ages kids are supposed to learn what, and I think I want to keep it that way. I knew my son was capable of learning his shapes, but I could never get his wiggly self to look at paper long enough to care what was on it!

Enter a new game: I read that boys like to learn while moving. Makes sense, my son likes to always be moving….and throwing things….and banging on things….etc :) So I went to our front porch (it was too hot in the driveway!!) and drew three different shapes, three different colors and had my kids race from one to the other.


JJ understands racing; he and his big sis have been racing since he could walk!

I started them on one shape and would just call out another shape and they would run to it. I did not make it an issue of winning and losing, but celebrated when they BOTH made it to keep them both wanting to play.

The first good while (they played for quite some time!) he was following his three year old sister’s lead, but he got comfortable making his own decision on which shape I called out. He was not always right, but he began getting more right answers then wrong at the end! 20130619-055446.jpg

To change it up a bit I began calling out different shapes for them. “Adelle run to the ___, and JJ run to the ___. Ready, go!” and it was fun like that too! It also provided a bit more critical thinking on my son’s part :)



My last variation kept the game interesting for a bit longer and added another dimension of learning. We had the children move like different animals to the different shapes. This solidified many sounds and movements my son has learned about different animals, and I even tried to throw in a few new ones.



I ended the game before they did for several reasons. One, it was HOT and we had been out there some time, two, I did not want to completely wear them out and, three, so they would look forward to playing it again!



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