Small Things

Image“I’m jumping! I’m jumping!” “Kitty Cat!” “A Flower!” It is hard not to smile at the wide eyed excitement of a child. Everything in life brings a thrill, every experience is unique and enthralling. A blanket provides endless entertainment (for years!), and every dandelion is worth celebrating.

Quite frankly, if we got that excited about everything it may be exhausting, but perhaps we could learn something from our little friends and relatives. How about we get excited and feel like jumping up and down when our loved ones come home?

As adults we will not find the amusement in the same ways, but we could get better at noticing the small things that make our day. Maybe you are wearing your favorite blouse, or the clerk had a friendly smile, did you get to drink your coffee while it was still hot? maybe your family member put the toilet paper on the ‘right’ way, or your child said thank you without being asked.

Being content is not something that comes naturally, so let’s do it on purpose today. Happy Friday!


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