Kidversations ~ I Wanna….

I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday and we took the kids with us. The rooms are very nicely decorated and very comfortable and feminine feeling, so they have different seats for family during visits. While we were situating ourselves I said, “Adelle, why don’t you sit in the rocking chair,” and in a very excited tone I said, “Jj why don’t you sit with Mommy?!”

The almost two year old replies by running to the rocking chair, “I wanna sit in da rockinggg chair,” and proceeds to climb up.

Adelle sweetly states, “I’ll sit in the princess chair.”

What does Jj do but run over to the chair, intercept his sister, and call out, “I wanna sit in da pin-cess chair!”

My husband corrects him by telling him, “No, you can come sit with Daddy.”

“I wanna sit wit Mommy,” says the little boy climbing on my lap.

*sigh* that child is definitely learning new limits :)



10 thoughts on “Kidversations ~ I Wanna….

    • :) You can’t help but laugh with children sometimes! What’s worse is the times you should be dealing with disobedience and all you want to do is laugh ;)

  1. Samuel likes forbidden things too. We say stop, it’s go to him! His big brother has something? He wants it. :roll: I hope the appt went well. xo

    • Kids are funny! My appt was great! I am 35 weeks today and have to work on baby positioning cause she’s posterior. Third posterior baby in a row!

        • Yes and no. I wasn’t informed my first birth and didn’t position her until after 20 hours of labor but after I did she came pretty fast! My second time I kept doing the exercises and he would flip but within a half hour he would flip back. I tried positioning him during labor but he somehow managed to come halfway out before being in the “right” position. Posterior babies tend to go past their due date, give mommies longer labor and even sometimes back labor, so I’m trying to avoid it even though it is probably unavoidable ;)

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