Preschool ~ Sticker Book

My daughter loves her homeschooling! She is not entirely convinced that it is ‘real school’ because it does not require a bus, brick schoolhouse or a playground. I am trying to give it the structure of ‘real’ school by getting us dressed and ready for it and starting on time. We don’t spend more than an hour on it (she is 3 after all), but I want her to feel like it qualifies.

That being said, I have done tons of teaching children, but have no experience as a school teacher. I’ve been a guest speaker at school many times, but never a school teacher. So much of what I would consider normal is either my experience several years ago or just assuming.

One thing I decided to incorporate was a reward system for a good day at school. I have seen other people’s children bring home a page with a yellow, green and red light behavior indicators. I thought the most exciting, inexpensive and practical daily reward for my daughter was stickers.

I passed the idea by my husband and he thought it was great; he was so excited he bought the sticker book for her, and even had her pick it out herself!

So our system of rewards is simple. If you do your schoolwork with a good attitude, you get a sticker! I did not even have to emphasize the good attitude part because that is always the rule in our home. Today was the first day I let Adelle pick out her own sticker and place it in her book.

Every other week or so, I will buy a new set of stickers to keep it interesting and I will keep my own book of sticker books so she has more to choose from as time goes on. We will also have a stockpile for crafts and cards etc if we keep it up :)




Any thoughts?

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