Kidversations ~ Owww

My son is going to turn 2 in a month and a half! He has been speaking in phrases since January and sentences for the last two or three months, and his dynamic of conversation just keeps growing! It amazes me continually how fast children learn and how complex their learning is! I am still amazed by my three year old and her crazy detailed conversations, but anyway, to the humor part!

My husband was driving home from the farmers market Saturday and my children were happily snacking on their home made trail mix. All the sudden JJ yells out in pain and panic.

“What’s wrong, buddy?”

“I bite my wip.” He moans with his bottom lip pooching out and a pitiful look on his face. My heart just MELTED. His face, mannerisms and adorable toddler talk just got to me.

“Jj! You are just so cute! I love when you talk to me! You melt Mommy’s heart.” I’m not sure how I expected him to respond to that, but a smile and a I-like-making-mommy-happy feeling wouldn’t have been inappropriate.

What I got instead was a blank look followed by a puzzled expression and then his face went blank again. He points to his lip and very carefully and very slowly said “Ow,” like I was slow of understanding.

He obviously did not understand how I could completely misunderstand, “I bite my wip.”

Women. We have to complicate everything ;)



2 thoughts on “Kidversations ~ Owww

  1. I don’t think I realized our boys were so close in age! Samuel will be two at the beginning of September. :) Aww, the “Melting of your heart” may have been the thing to confuse him – LOL! ;)

    • They are pretty close then! That is fun, and I like the name Samuel, if we have another son that will probably be his name :).
      You are probably right about the phrase being misunderstood! Did not even consider that to be honest! I got corrected by my daughter when doing flashcards yesterday when I showed her one and said, “This one is a piece of cake!” and she goes, “No Mommy, that is an apple.” lol. Parents say the strangest things….

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