We Started Pre-K!

My daughter turned 3 three months ago but I have to admit that I have not spent a whole lot of time sitting down and teaching her for almost 6 months. I can blame it on us traveling for a living, and that is a large part of why I usually do not have the supplies and/or time for it. However, I mostly just did not know where to go next! She knew her letters by 18 months, wrote them by 2.5, did well with counting and number recognition and had great fine and gross motor skills, so what was next???

She kept wanting to do school together, so I started teaching her the importance of following directions on worksheets and letting her do some pages of workbooks here and there. But what she really wanted was for me to sit with her and teach her. After a bit of research on the content, etc of Pre-K I decided she was ready to begin.

We started on Tuesday with some A Beka curriculum, and honestly I’m not sure what about it is supposed to take an entire year, so I am taking it slow and adding more interesting ways of learning as I can and have the energy to do so (I am almost 34 weeks pregnant after all ;).

Here are my minimum objectives for K-4:

  • Number recognition 1-20
  • Basic addition and subtraction
  • 100 sight words
  • Write alphabet in uniform size
  • Begin to understand alphabet order
  • Capable of dot to dot pictures (number order)
  • Improve coloring skills
  • Understand city, state and country (she already is beginning to understand from all the traveling!)
  • Learn the more complex shapes
  • Learn to better draw her basic shapes
  • One new Bible verse a month
  • Enjoy story telling
  • Better cutting, and gluing paper and stringing beads
  • Very basic reading comprehension
  • Understanding seasons
  • Sorting
  • Vowel recitation (without reminding)
  • Understanding seasons
  • Sounding out ch, sh, th, and st
  • Sounding out c-v-t words

None of these are new concepts to her except addition and subtraction, but we started that today and it was a hit! Here is the post to how I introduced addition and subtraction. It was fun and she got it quickly, so we will use this method for a while to keep it simple and understandable.

Have you home-schooled your little ones? Did you started with Pre-K, Kindergarten, or First Grade? I don’t intend on spending more than an hour a day on it, with an additional craft time in the afternoons a few times a week, and of course reading books and talking about how things work as part of our lifestyle teaching.

What would be on your Pre-K objective list that I have not listed? Anything else she learns is extra, she is already on her way to naming coins and values, but I am not pushing for things like that yet, she has plenty of time for that! If she does not get it all this year I would be surprised, but that would be okay too, since we could do K-4 again next year, when she turns 4.


Her first A Beka worksheet


All I did was write her name and read the directions to her!


This was a few days before beginning her formal schooling, but here she is teaching her little brother his letters for fun.


This was a few months ago when I was trying to stave off her hunger for ‘real school.’ Again, absolutely NO help from me other than reading the directions. She LOVES to learn :)


Learning to follow directions, and improving observation skills. No help, again :)


2 thoughts on “We Started Pre-K!

  1. Maggie was very eager too! I used connect the dots to help her with the teen numbers and we played “War” with playing cards to learn greater than/less than. So many fun ways to teach them!! I love homeschooling. :D

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