Bread Day

I spent the day doing all my bread prep for two weeks, and I thought I would share a bit about it. I cannot believe how fast time goes by, and how its been a week since I posted! I have been busy with traveling, meetings and then playing catch up when I got home. We missed a meeting so I could avoid any further traveling, and I will be home (or within two hours) until after my baby comes. I have had amazing first and second trimesters every pregnancy, but the last trimester has been difficult the last pregnancy and is getting more difficult this time. Still good; still healthy, but I have limits.

I don’t like limits, by the way, but I’ve learned to embrace them regardless :)

So, in my desire to eliminate as many artificial and unnamed ingredients as possible, I have been making my own breads. I have always made biscuits and cornbread from scratch, but I have upped it to making more waffles and breakfast breads (instead of having cereal), and even making sandwich bread myself.

I don’t make tortillas though. We use them a lot, but I refuse to make them without the tortilla press, and I am cheap. Very, very cheap ;) maybe I’ll find one at a yard sale one day…..

So I started the day by going to a neighbor friend’s house and picking up a dozen eggs. Honestly, I love the fresh eggs, I can’t taste a difference, but I don’t have to worry about my eggs being from sick chickens.

My next mission was to make some butter. I then proceeded to make waffles for breakfast, I made two batches with the help of my tiny army.

Here I am teaching Adelle how to cut the oil, and she thought it was hilarious.

Here I am teaching Adelle how to cut the oil, and she thought it was hilarious.

After we snacked on some waffles, I continued to bake the waffles and started on my batter breads. I made two pecan struesel, and two Strawberry Breads. I used the same recipe for the two, I just put struesel on top of one and omitted the strawberries.

Before making the struesel, I found I was out of brown sugar, so I made more brown sugar. I made a ton this time, I use it often enough.

I then made my biscuits. Biscuit recipes are all about the same, but since I cannot have vegetable oil, I used coconut oil instead. I was a bit worried since coconut oil melts at a lower temperature, but they turned out amazingly flaky and tasted great.

I also used this recipe to make three loaves of sandwich bread. I took my own suggestion and added half wheat flour. We ate some of the bread with dinner, its pretty amazing, but I still prefer it to be all white ;)

His faces are hysterical sometimes! Its hard to catch them on camera though!

His faces are hysterical sometimes! Its hard to catch them on camera though!

I used some of my awesome buttermilk, and fresh butter to make some cornbread muffins.

I spent a large part of my day with this project, but I let the kids help and took breaks to play and attend to their needs. I will have to see over the next few weeks if having these things pre-made and frozen is more convenient than trying to make them everyday.

The finished breads.

The finished breads.

Freezer ready!

Freezer ready!

I had the kitchen cleaned by dinner time, and made some yummy honey mustard/bacon/cheese covered chicken breast. My husband tried it (he doesn’t eat things with sauce, period). He even loved it! He is not a terribly picky eater, but I am happy with this step ;)

Simple but yummy dinner.

Simple but yummy dinner.

I learned some random things today:

1. I’m not good at being prepared!

2. I actually like wearing an apron. Its nice to not have to look for a place to wipe my hands, keeping my clothes clean is an added bonus.

3. Adelle gags at fried squash, even though she eats is raw all the time…

4. I have never made too many fresh green beans, I LOVE having good eaters. It wasn’t easy to get them that way, but I intend on keeping it that way.

5. My children could eat butter by itself, but no, I don’t let them :)

6. My husband loves me enough to eat something he was so sure he would hate!

7. I only partially like it when my husband folds laundry, I may not ask that favor again to save room for more helpful favors. Am I the only wife who thinks like this????

8. Better Homes and Garden magazine is mostly ads, and its not worth the subscription most of the time.

9. I CAN make bacon. I thought I couldn’t, but learned that I just didn’t do it long enough in the past. If its crispy enough, I’ll even eat it, I didn’t start liking bacon until this pregnancy.

10. I even went all day without burning myself, I may be less clumsy than I used to be, or I may now have what my husband calls “Kitchen Hands.”

11. Hearing, “I help you,” “I want to help you,” and “Yay! I did it!” from my one year old is one of the best feelings on the planet.

12. I can grow tomatoes without killing them! At least so far. I’ve barely had to water them though since it won’t stop raining in FL.

13. Moccasins may be cute and comfy with my skirts, but are a hazard in the rain. I had to change my shoes after three near collisions with the ground. Blame the rain, pregnancy or shoes…

This is not relevant, but this is what my kids look like when we arrive at a hotel at 3AM. This picture makes me laugh, and I'm not even sure why.

This is not relevant, but this is what my kids look like when we arrive at a hotel at 3AM. This picture makes me laugh, and I’m not even sure why.


6 thoughts on “Bread Day

  1. The next time I come home can I pay for the ingredients and come over and have you teach me all of this stuff! My mouth is watering after reading all of this!

  2. You seriously rock, Mama!! I’ve only ever made dessert breads (pumpkin and also banana). My daughter loves butter alone – blah! :P lol

    • I love both of those breads! It’s not hard to make bread, just makes a bit of a mess, but its worth it to me, but even the mess is non existent with a bread machine :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! You can open a bakery! Its great that you are moving towards more natural foods. Having my son made me also want to switch. Reading the labels on packages can be very alarming.

    • Your welcome :) Reading labels is def. a way to keep from impulse buying snacks!! Children bring out better decisions of of us too. Right now, I drink sweet tea a lot, and my daughter wants to drink it and I’m thinking I should maybe stop and be a better example…..? Not sure on that one yet! Lol

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