A Gift

Last night was our last night at home for a bit, and I was a little bummed that I had not sewed at all, so my husband insisted I get some sewing done. I had other chores, but those could be done tomorrow he said. I made and cut out my pattern and got to work. Honestly, I had a great time sewing and though it was a little tough on my back (I drafted and cut my pattern on the floor and I’m 6 months pregnant :), it was very relaxing!

As I was at the ironing board, again, to fold iron and fold and iron again, I just thought about how relaxing it is. I thought about how beautiful Adelle will look in the material. I admitted that it felt redundant to do all that ironing, but that it did feel nice to know how professional the dress will look.

And it hit me. God gave me a gift.

I always assumed it would be arrogant to admit that God gave me a gift, as if I were something special. As if I had some special talent.

But I didn’t think of it like that anymore, God allows me to create beautiful things. It has nothing to do with what others can or cannot do (though if I can do it you could to!). God allowed me the ability and materials to make whatever I desire with fabric. I love the opportunity. I love the time spent sewing, and I adore my daughter in homemade dresses.

That is a gift from God.

That is something I enjoy, and something I can thank God for and I do every time I make something. Sewing is one of my many gifts from God. I’m not ashamed to say that anymore.




Here is a link on how to make the headband here. The dress I formed from altering a pattern I already had, but you can find a million peasant dress patterns on Pinterest :)


10 thoughts on “A Gift

    • It is a fun hobby! I started sewing while I was pregnant with my first because I did not have a house to take my nesting out on! I haven’t stopped sewing since!

        • Honestly, sewing with a pattern is easier most of the time. I don’t understand the directions sometimes, so I just use the pictures :p. I mess up the arm holes a lot when I try to sew without a pattern, and you can forget me making sleeves sans pattern, I always mess those up. Anyway, all that to say, don’t be afraid to try! It’s super fun, and I made a ton of mistakes at first, but once you understand the order of events in sewing, you can do anything :) and if a girl like me, who could never color in the lines can sew, you can too!!

        • Thanks for the encouragement, Alyssa! I should look for a pretty simple pattern of something, just to try it. :)

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