Spring/Summer Popsicles

20130412-084346.jpgSpring is here! I may not be singing that tune when I’m in New Jersey next week, I don’t know, but for today, I am in Florida and it is HOT! We were home recently and I wanted cold snacks for my kiddos to eat outside. And while I pondered how many fruit juice pops a week were too many, I saw some browning bananas and thought I would make Banana Popsicles!

All I did the first time was cut them in half and shove a large Popsicle stick in them and put them upright in a cup to freeze. The second time I did the same, but after they were frozen I covered them in healthy peanut butter for extra protein. My kids LOVED them and did not seem to know the difference between a frozen banana and a Popsicle….and my daughter doesn’t even like bananas….

What healthy cold treats does your family enjoy? I need more ideas!! :)


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