KidVersations ~ My Daddy

I was holding Jeff’s hand and Adelle ripped it out, and I (joking) replied, “He’s my husband and you cannot have him!”

Adelle (giggling) touches his cheek and says, “He’s MY daddy and you can’t have him!” And proceeded to cuddle with him.

KidVersations ~ My Daddy

The children with whom I share my husband’s love :)

I might be THE woman of the house, but far from the ONLY woman ;)


6 thoughts on “KidVersations ~ My Daddy

  1. Samuel always tries to separate us when we’re hugging! We think it’s so cute. :D I love that your daughter claims her daddy! xo

  2. Haha this is cute! My girl can’t speak proper yet but she’s already always pulling my hand away whenever I hold hands with my husband! These days we do it just to annoy her. Haha

    • Probably, but there are rough moments. My daughter was jealous of her little brother for a time, but now they need each other and the bond is touching….but sometimes frustrating!

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