The Heart of Modesty

Hey! I have a friend who just converted to WordPress and I wanted to share her blog with you. This is a wonderful post about the heart issue of modesty and I thought I would encourage you with it :)

The Traveling Housewife - Nicaragua

Ever since doing this post, 5 Questions to Help you get Dressed, I have wanted to expound a little more on the issue of modesty. Growing up, I was raised with standards of modesty, but, to be honest, until I got married, I never really completely understood the “whys” behind the rules. Some of the books that we read for our pre-marital counseling helped shed some light on the issue for me as well as talking with my husband. It wasn’t that I was stupid before that, just naive about a lot of things. I think there are a lot of young women out there who are just like I was and just don’t realize the effect that their clothes can have. If they did, I think they would look at the issue differently. In the rest of this post are some things that I would like to share…

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