KidVersations ~ No I not!

Sometimes I think I have the funniest children in the world! There are conversations and tidbits of every day worth putting into that little keepsake book of mine. Yes, I finally started writing them down! Here’s hoping I keep up with it through the years, kids really do say the funniest things!

This is a conversation I had with my 20 month old today at his checkup while dressing him to leave:

~”Jj! I forgot to put on my makeup! I lost my mind yesterday afternoon and still haven’t found it! Where did I put it?”

~Poor Jj looked worried and used a ton of inflection while saying, “I no know!”

~”But Jj, you are supposed to know where Mommy puts her mind.” I smiled at him.

~He scrunched his face and looked serious for a moment before giggling out, “No I not!”

Yes, I talk to my kids just to talk to them, but it sure gets interesting when they can start joining the conversation!


My silly boy and I decorating sugar cookies for Easter.


Any thoughts?

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