Love Thy Neighbor

I live in a neighborhood where the houses are fairly close. But I noticed that having neighbors is not what I expected it to be. When my husband and I first got married, I thought I would bake some goodies and meet and greet. The overwhelming feeling from most people is, “did you lace these?” and “why are you at my door?”

But there is that occasional neighbor who lets you in….and LOVES to chat. In my current situation it is an elderly woman in her 80’s who lost her husband just a month before we met.

I try to visit every time we are in town for a few days and bring something yummy over and/or my children to light up her day. To be honest, I don’t always have the time, and sometimes she wants more time than I allot. But I stay until she is finished with the visit, and enjoy a pleasant time chatting about her and my life since the last visit.

I had not seen her in almost three months because she was ill, and been hospitalized and put in a rehab center three times, and I have been in and out of town. So just the other day we received a Christmas gift from her, and it touched my heart!


Being the right kind of neighbor takes time, and it sometimes requires a favor or two (like picking up extra veggies at the farmers market:) but it is SUCH a blessing to be loved in return!


2 thoughts on “Love Thy Neighbor

    • You are sweet! I have enjoyed it for sure, but I’ll be honest, I only started visiting out of obedience. I have a grandmother in OH I almost never get to visit, and I would want someone to adopt her for me.

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