St. Louis Arch

Last week our family had the privilege of driving from Dallas to Detroit! My husband knew as soon as we started preparing for the trip that we were GOING to see the Arch in St. Louis. I had not given it any thought, but after he shared some history and excitement with me, I made sure that we actually stayed the night in St. Louis and got to see it a little longer!

The Lord blessed us with an absolutely AMAZING deal on Priceline, and we stayed at the St. Louis Hyatt at the Arch! We did not arrive in town until after dark, but we drove around down town and lamented the reality of our short trip. It felt like a Midwest version of D.C and we would have loved to do more site seeing.

The next morning, we went downstairs and ate pastries from Starbucks for breakfast, packed up, and walked right across the street, in light snow, to the Arch. I can imagine the park surrounding the monument is beautiful in spring and summer, but it was frosted and sprinkled with snow as we enjoyed it.

Inside the base is a little museum arranged in chronological order describing life for natives and settlers alike. My children loved looking around, but older children would have benefited more from the history lesson.

The cars of the tram that take you to the top are quite small!! My tiny family of four fit, but four adults would have been cozy. The amount of noise made me a little nervous as we went up, and up, and up. And then I got thinking about how long it would take to descend down the stairs in an emergency. But there were none :)

On the top the windows were disappointingly small, but I understand why! When you lean against the wall to see out the window you can look straight down! My kids thought it was great. My son especially loved walking back and forth across the sloped floor.

I would definitely recommend this monument! It is as exciting as any monument can be, and I learned more about the western expansion than I knew. It symbolizes a significant piece of US history and it is a trip any preteen or adult would remember for a lifetime.






Any thoughts?

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